Evidence will be heard from Worcester children in a Government's inquiry.

Voices of the city’s young residents will be part of a national investigation conducted by the government's levelling up, housing and communities committee focusing on children, young people and the built environment.

This follows a study in 2022 by the University of Worcester's Nicola Stobbs and Samantha Sutton-Tsang who explored how children prefer to play.


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Conducted for Play Worcester and the University of Worcester, the study showed that adventurous play and free play in natural areas were the most popular choices, indicating Worcester's children value challenge, safe-risk and self-directed play.

Ms Stobbs said: "The children were very clear on what they want from their play; they want the opportunity to explore and be adventurous.

"I am so pleased that this will be considered in this vital government inquiry and the voices of Worcester’s children will influence national policy."

Meanwhile, Heather Giannasi, chairperson of Play Worcester, said: "‘One of the key roles of our organisation is to champion play opportunities for the children of Worcester. Recent news reports have evidenced how important play is to children’s mental health and well being so this inquiry couldn’t have come soon enough."