Dogs Trust Evesham has revealed that its longest residing dog is 9-year-old Toby.

He is a “sensitive and energetic” Labrador cross and hopes to find a new home in 2024.

Toby first arrived at the centre on August 24, 2022 and he’s looking for owners who can continue his training and adhere to his specific needs.

He’d like new owners who will take him out and about as he loves a good sniff around.

Worcester News: Toby is looking for an adult-only homeToby is looking for an adult-only home (Image: Dogs Trust)

Both people and other dogs can be worrying for Toby so he is looking for a quiet and adult-only home so he can enjoy his senior years.

He needs his new home to have no visiting children or any other pets.

A safe environment for him to play in would be ideal so a secure garden all to himself is a must.

He’d also like to have a safe space inside the home so he can have some quiet time alone or a spot to go to when visitors are there.

Potential adopters will need to visit Toby at the Dogs Trust Evesham centre several times before taking him home as he can take a bit of time getting to know new faces.

While Toby already knows a lot, his new owner will need to continue his training with the centre showing them the ropes.

Worcester News: Toby would like to have a secure garden at his new homeToby would like to have a secure garden at his new home (Image: Dogs Trust)

If he has a strong bond with people, Toby likes to have a short fuss but if he doesn’t know them, he doesn’t like it much.

At the centre, Toby has been doing well when mixing with other dogs and could go on walks with smaller dogs who are calm and quiet.

He likes to go on quieter walks but is happy to jump in the car for an adventure further afield.

You can find out more about Toby via his profile here.

How to adopt Toby

If you think Toby could be your canine companion, here’s how you could adopt him.

You’ll need to create an account on the Dogs Trust website and fill out an application form.

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You’ll be contacted by Dogs Trust within seven days either by phone or email so you can discuss your dog search.

The charity will try to contact twice but if they don’t hear from you, your application will be closed for now.

When a match is found for you, you’ll be invited to the centre and Dogs Trust will help you welcome your new friend to your home.