Worcester companies, Kight Off-Grid and NAL, have partnered to reveal an innovative off-grid street lighting system.

The collaboration combines Kight's off-grid lighting technology with NAL's acclaimed retention socket infrastructure.

NAL, based in Worcester, has played a leading role in transforming street lighting installations through their unique retention sockets.


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The sockets speed up the installation, removal and replacement of lighting fixtures, allowing necessary groundwork to be conducted prior to lighting delivery and making it easier for street furniture to be temporarily relocated.

Kight specialises in off-grid lighting solutions, from wind and solar-powered streetlights to sign lighting.

Sales manager at NAL, Ryan Churchill stated: "There's a good deal of synergy between our two companies.

"We are two Worcester firms coming together with complementary products to create a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance street lighting and sign lighting system for local authorities."

The new solution negates the requirement for mains connections, speeding up installation and reducing excavation works.

The combination of Kight's streetlights and NAL's retention socket system make it beneficial for tricky landscapes like roundabouts, where it can swiftly improve the safety of operations and reduce traffic impact.

Head of sales and marketing at Kight, Brandon Weston, added: "Our off-grid street lighting columns conform to British standards, so they work perfectly with NAL's well-established retention sockets.

"Together, we can help improve safety and reduce traffic disruption in high-risk areas by vastly reducing the operational works required for new installations and post-collision replacements."

Installed at a demonstration area within NAL's Worcester headquarters, a range of Kight’s lighting solutions are showcased.

This includes the KV-2 off-grid street light column, KV-5 sign lighting solution and KV-6 temporary column lighting system.

The speed of replacement of a lighting column can be witnessed by nearby authority customers during NAL's street lighting demonstration day on Wednesday, February 21.

Tickets can be reserved at: https://buytickets.at/nal/1124098.