A PILOT has taken to the skies to draw smiley faces across the city.

Smiley faces have appeared in the skies across Diglis and Battenhall today (Friday).

People rushed to their windows to see the skywriting as the Pitts S2S Special plane drew the patterns in the sky.

It performed a number of aerobatics above the city as it drew using smoke.

The pilot has not yet been identified, but previously, Captain Richard Goodwin has been behind the other appearances of the faces.

The former RAF Tornado pilot, who is passionate about modifying, building and displaying biplanes, was last seen doing smiley faces over Worcester in May 2020.

He also believes he has created Europe's fastest biplane after strapping two jet engines to a DIY aircraft - in his garden shed.

Mr Goodwin spent four years and thousands of pounds building himself the Pitts Special muscle biplane at his home near Malvern.

He previously said: “It is very unique, many people can't believe the authorities allow me to fly it as it's a bit off the wall."