The chairman of Wychavon has praised a Droitwich Spa company for its role in protecting homes and businesses from flooding.

Cllr Robert Raphael recently visited M3 Floodtec, a firm based on the Hampton Lovett Industrial Estate, to learn more about its work and see a demonstration of its products.

Founded in 2018, M3 Floodtec has become the market leader in specialist flood protection equipment.


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The company's range of products includes flood gates, flood doors, anti-flood airbricks, and non-return valves.

M3 Floodtec also owns a British Standard test facility which enables the company to manufacture products to Kitemark certified level, which can also be used by insurance companies, the Environment Agency, the government, and other manufacturers.

The facility includes a single room fitted out with multiple flood protection measures produced by the company.

During Cllr Raphael's visit, a test involving the release of 60,000 litres of water was conducted.

The water is recycled for subsequent testing.

Cllr Raphael said: "As someone who has had their business flooded twice, I know how heartbreaking it is to watch flood water enter your property and not be able to do anything about it.

"With the recent flooding we have had locally, and nationally, it was fantastic to learn about the work being done by M3 Floodtec to develop a range of innovative products and solutions to give people options to protect their homes and businesses, and to see them put to the test."

Peter Marchant, chief executive officer of M3 Floodtec, said: "After the recent flooding that has affected most of the country over the last few weeks it is great to be able to demonstrate the latest technologies that are available to protect property and to resist flood waters entering our homes.

"Unfortunately, many people are totally unaware of what products are available that really do make a massive difference, so to be able to showcase these in a real flood situation can be a positive benefit to all residents in the Wychavon district."

The visit to M3 Floodtec was part of the Chairman’s tour of the district to celebrate Wychavon’s 50th anniversary.

The aim is to visit every parish by the end of April.