SITTING among the peregrine falcons at the top of Worcester Cathedral is probably the best city view you can get - but this cafe must comes in at a close second. 

Large open windows and comfortable seating hugging the building's glass panes have given Marks and Spencer possibly one of the best views of the city's High Street which is publicly accessible.

The title may have previously been held by Costa Coffee opposite the ornate Guildhall but that cafe closed last year.

If you have ever been to Worcester's Marks and Spencer cafe you will soon realise it is almost impossible to get a window seat due to its popularity.

Worcester News: YUM: The emmental and mushroom toastie was by far the best.YUM: The emmental and mushroom toastie was by far the best. (Image: NQ)It offers a prime spot for people watching - looking at different kinds of people in a public place - and the superstore has a perfect bird' s eye view.

When I decided to pay the cafe a visit on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I was fortunate that there was one free window seat left.

The first-floor cafe operates in a sort of human conveyor belt system.

You pick up your tray and walk around the various stations, picking your sandwiches or requesting hot meals and drinks and then paying.

The cafe has launched its new 2024 menu, which has an emphasis on gluten-free and vegan food, so I decided to order a few items from the new menu.

I ordered a gluten-free tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto toastie for £6 and the vegetarian Emmental and mushroom toastie for £6.50, which I washed down with a chai latte.

Worcester News: The tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto toastie.The tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto toastie. (Image: NQ)

There was some confusion about the drink pick-up station.

I could see the staff was delivering hot drinks to less mobile dinners, but after waiting at my table for 45 minutes, I was made aware that you are supposed to pick up drinks at the end of the till. 

I was unaware of this and had to return to the drink pick-up station for them to re-make me a chai latte.

Of the two toasties, the Emmental and mushroom toastie was by far the best.

It was gooey, flavoursome and heartwarming, and I can see it becoming a firm favourite among diners.

The tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto toastie were not to my taste.

I was also unsure if it was supposed to come cut into two slices as my toastie was not cut in half like the Emmental and mushroom one. 

Overall, my experience was pleasant, and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at passing shoppers as I tucked into my toasties.