A leading Worcestershire family lawyer has warned married couples as UK divorce rates continue to rise in the new year.

Anna Robinson, a senior associate at mfg Solicitors, has commented following data that reveals an increase in divorce rates, with 113,505 couples ending their marriages in 2021, up from 103,592 in 2020, a 10 per cent spike.

Mrs Robinson recently joined the law firm's family department and has stated her concerns following the 'seasonal strains' experienced during the festive period, which can often test relationships.


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She said: "This divorce data from the Office of National Statistics highlights that whilst the new ‘no fault’ legislation came into effect from April 6, 2022 an ever-increasing number of marriages aren’t surviving.

"Historically the data goes up every January following a period where couples have spent longer than normal time together where the pressure of wanting Christmas to be perfect can drive a permanent wedge between married couples."

Mrs Robinson added: "There’s absolutely no doubt that the festive period gives a springboard for divorce.

"It’s a time when sadly there is an increase in arguments and domestic violence and when, as a firm, we usually see an upturn in the number of people from across the region looking for advice."

Despite the pressures, she encourages couples to attempt to resolve their issues, saying: "There’s no reason why some couples can’t use the time they’d had together to overcome their problems too.

"Like all others, the Christmas just gone was a time for family and celebration, not a time which should drive resentment and separation."

She concluded: "It’s vital, especially if children are involved, that couples refrain from point scoring and seek professional legal guidance."

mfg Solicitors' family team can be contacted through 0845 55 55 321 or by emailing anna.robinson@mfgsolicitors.com.