THERE was no pulling the wool over the eyes of police as a herd of sheep made a dash for freedom.

Pershore officers were called to Wyre Piddle to deal with a herd of 120 escaped sheep who had ended up on railway tracks.

The officers worked with British Transport Police to rescue the animals this morning (Wednesday).

Three men working nearby also gave officers a hand to round up the escapees.

Pershore SNT tweeted: "PC Keeler and PCSO Doughty Dealing with 120 sheep escapees on the railway track at Wyre Piddle this morning with British Transport Police and 3 very helpful local work men assisting at a safe distance."

A passenger on a train stuck on the tracks while the rescue mission was going ahead replied saying: "I’m on that train in the background on my way to London.

"Thanks to all those involved in getting us on our way.

"We enjoyed watching your herd work"