GRITTERS will be out tonight (Wednesday, January 31) as road temperatures are expected to drop to minus temperatures.

Ringway, Worcestershire County Council contractors, has said there is a risk of ice as it is expected temperatures could dip to as low as -1.2C. 

Writing on social media Ringway said: "Outbreaks of rain expected this evening, then clearing around midnight leaving a clear night.

"Road surface temperatures are expected to dip to -1.2C with a risk of ice and hoar frost. 



"Therefore our gritting team will be out from midnight. Please travel carefully if you are out."

Worcestershire County Council Highways and Travel added: "Another sub-zero night but first we will see some rain pass through the county.

"So we'll wait until rain has cleared before our gritters set out.

"We're expecting them to hit the roads from midnight, but will review later; please stay safe if out."