PLANS for a new drive through and two retail outlets have been proposed for a supermarket car park in Droitwich.

Cube Real Estate has proposed to build the drive-through and two retail outlets in Covercroft car park next to Morrisons. 

The significant development, which lies against Saltway Road and Covercroft Road, will see an additional 20 EV charging points, changes to the existing car parking layout and a pedestrian-only section.

Worcester News: Red brick will be used so it blends in with other stores in the area.Red brick will be used so it blends in with other stores in the area. (Image: Urban Edge - Wychavon Planning)If plans go ahead, it will go hand in hand with the major makeover of St Andrew's Square, which will see the shopping centre get new entrances, signs and lights, as well as new trees, plants, decking and seating areas.

The new plans submitted to Wychavon District Council will keep the car park's existing entrance and a new layout with additional parking to compensate for the loss of standard and disabled spaces.

A new zebra crossing, along with no entry markings, is proposed to manage traffic flow, and a long drive-through lane will be at the western corner of the car park, which is currently occupied by recycling bins, car parking and vegetation.

Worcester News: Zebra crossings will be installed to allow safe movement between each unit. Zebra crossings will be installed to allow safe movement between each unit. (Image: Urban Edge - Wychavon Planning)The drive-through will feature outdoor seating for customers, and a pedestrian link will be added to connect it to the retail space and then the supermarket. 

The two retail spaces will have a modern appearance but incorporate red brickwork to match the Morrisons and Poundland stores, which it will overlook.

Part of the plans will see some trees being removed and berry trees being planted to provide winter food for birds.

Worcester News: Floor layout of how the car park will be changed.Floor layout of how the car park will be changed. (Image: Urban Edge - Wychavon Planning)

On the planning application, a spokesperson for Cube Real Estate said: "We aim to deliver a development that is in accordance, as far as is practical, with the best practice principles of sustainable development.

"The scheme will be designed to positively contribute to the long-term objectives of environmental protection and resource management.

"Considerate construction on-site, the scheme will follow the principles of environmental best practice, and during the construction stage, care will be taken to minimize construction traffic, noise and dust."

The consultation period for the plans ends on Tuesday, February 20 and can be found on the Wychavon District Planning website by quoting W/23/01838/FUL.