Plans to clampdown on illegal parking and improve traffic flow on a busy road in Malvern has been welcomed by residents.

Abbey Road has been at the epicentre of parking and traffic-related problems in recent years, which has left residents frustrated.

Homeowners on Abbey Road were invited to express views on the volume of traffic and persistent use of the road for parking for the town centre in a survey.

A report drawn up in October 2023 had responses from 61 households, and included a range of suggested constructive measures to tackle the issues.

Mike Corcoran and Alison Mouthaan, who both live on Abbey Road, have campaigned for parking and traffic measures to be implemented following a series of traffic collisions in the area.

"Mid-summer last year there was a very serious accident on Church Street where a woman was killed," said Mr Corcoran. 

"There was also a series of significant accidents in various streets in this general area caused by drivers travelling too fast, overloading of the roads because there so much parking on the roads traffic was being forced down one side and onto pavements.

"We carried out a survey of all of the residents and of that 61 replied, so we collated that and put in all of the suggestions to the council."

An update on the report issued last month revealed the actions Malvern Hills District Council and Worcestershire County Council were prepared to take on the areas of concern.

"What we are also trying to achieve is that they can experiment with new ideas on Abbey Road to see if they can work on a broader basis elsewhere in Malvern," said Mrs Mouthaan. 

"Things like residents parking, which is currently not the policy, so I think that's the way we have tried to approach it. 

"Look at things afresh rather than saying these are the regulations, this is what we do and this is the way it has to be."

Cllr Beverley Neilsen, of Malvern Hills District Council, said: “I have been pleased to respond to residents’ concerns about parking and safety on Abbey Road since representatives for Abbey Road residents raised these issues with me some months back.

“I have relayed the concerns of the residents and the list of requests which they have compiled onto our highways team, responsible for implementation. The aim of the residents’ requests is to control speeding and non-residential parking on the road."