A hospice in Worcester is in its final phase of an in-patient unit upgrade.

St Richard Hospice's renovation, which includes 17 newly refurbished patient bedrooms with contemporary technology and equipment, aims to transform care for those facing complex illnesses.

The project is set to complete in the spring.



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The uptick in patient rooms isn't the only enhancement the hospice is bringing on board.

The refurbishment also covers the creation of two jacuzzi spa suites and improved ensuite showering amenities.

Additionally, two new family rooms are envisioned to offer more personalised spaces for patients and their families, offering an ambiance of normality away from the patient's bedside.

The journey towards this paramount revitalisation began in April last year, when St Richard's, through a group of 150 hospice champions, raised a whopping £540,308 within 36 hours - just over half of the £1 million target.

With each donation from this drive amplified by hospice funders on a pound for pound basis, resolute supporters and residents of Worcestershire have been central to the facility's fundraising journey, which has extended well into 2024.

Giving a push to the hospice's goals, the Wolfson Foundation generously awarded St Richard's a grant of £125,000 this week.

The facility is now eyeing its final stretch, seeking to raise another £127,000 to hit its goal.

Tricia Cavell, fundraising director for the hospice, said: "St Richard's has always been a warm, welcoming place where patients spend precious moments with their families.

"With the help of our amazing supporters, we’re now creating the next generation of hospice care for Worcestershire."

Paul Ramsbottom, chief executive of the Wolfson Foundation, echoed the sentiment, saying: "It is so important for hospices such as St Richard's to create a warm and welcoming environment.

"We are therefore delighted to contribute to this crucial overhaul of the in-patient accommodation which will benefit both patients and families."

The hospice supports over 3,100 patients, family and bereaved people across the county.

The annual running cost of the facility is £10.28 million, which includes patient care and all the necessary support services.

St Richard's relies on donations for most of its income, with what remains funded by the NHS.