FRUSTRATED employees of a cleaning firm which ceased trading before Christmas are still waiting for payment for the hours they have worked. 

TTB Contracts, which was based at Highgrove Farm in Seaford, Pinvin, near Pershore, ceased trading in October.

The firm said on its website it employs hundreds of staff and specialises in commercial cleaning for schools and colleges within the Midlands, as well as "floor cleaning and restoration, commercial window cleaning and cleaning consultancy & training."

Former employee Nick Taylor said: "I started working for the firm in 2019. 

"I worked part-time there, cleaning in schools and offices. 

Worcester News: FIRM: Highgrove Farm where TTB Contracts is basedFIRM: Highgrove Farm where TTB Contracts is based (Image: Google)

"On payday (October 13) we got an unexpected email saying the company had ceased trading.

"We were not paid for September's work as well as the days in October. It was £600 that I lost out on."

The 49-year-old, from St John's, Worcester, said since then he had been chasing the money. 

It emerged the company is in the name of Margaret Janice Lee, who was made bankrupt in September 2023 according to the Gazette. 

A spokesperson for the Insolvency Service confirmed Margaret Janice Lee was declared bankrupt and had traded as TTB Contracts.

Employees now need to claim from the Insolvency Service but the service has so far said it does not have the information to process their claims. 

"We were given a reference number in order to claim our unpaid wages and redundancy payback, through the Insolvency Service. 

"I claimed but it failed because TTB Contracts hadn't sent the necessary paperwork that I worked there. 

"Over three months later we have still not been paid."

Nicola Stanley, who lives in Droitwich, said she started working for the firm in July and had no reason to think it was in trouble. 

"It is just really sad, and frustrating," the 52-year-old said. 

"It came as a complete shock when we got the news. 

"I'm owed six weeks of work, more than £1,000. I don't know how we plodded on and got through Christmas - it was pretty horrible. 

"I know a couple of people who are owed more - in a way I feel like I'm one of the lucky ones.

"We are no further forward all these months later.

"We are hoping for news later this week but we have been in limbo. There are a lot of people very angry about what has happened."

The Worcester News has seen paperwork from bosses to employees confirming the company told employees it had ceased trading and that they were entitled to statutory payments connected to the layoff.

The firm's Google listing has also been updated to say the firm is "permanently closed".

We attempted to contact TTB Contracts, which was part of the TTB Group. We contacted the number on its website but this went through to a sister firm on Monday morning, (February 6), the person answering said there was "no one there" from TTB Contracts. 

The call handler said he would pass our number on to them but we have received no response since.