THE RGS Worcester Family of Schools took 48 of their ‘Digital Genius’ pupils to the ExCel Exhibition Centre in London for the BETT Technology Show.

The show, attended by over 30,000 visitors and educators, is the world’s largest Technology in Education event.

The pupils had been asked to present to visitors on the last day of the three-day show.

On the first day, RGS Worcester’s director of innovation John Jones took part in a panel discussion on 'Digital Learning within The RGS Worcester Family of Schools', sharing valuable insights and best practices.

The next day, Matt Warne, head of computing and digital learning at RGS The Grange, and Mr Jones took to the stage and collaborated on a presentation titled 'A Whole School Approach to AI with RGS Worcester'.

The sell-out talk was attended by over 400 participants, including representatives from the UK Government Department for Business and Trade.

The presentation highlighted the school’s engagement with AI in education, gave advice about benefits and risks and explained how fast the technology is developing.

On the last day, the 48 pupils were in the limelight as they confidently engaged in hands-on presentations, including a showcase of robotics use in the primary curriculum.

Furthermore, pupils from RGS The Grange and RGS Worcester worked together to give live demonstrations of AI integration to many hundreds of visitors, illustrating the comprehensive approach adopted by the RGS Schools.

Reflecting on the three days at the BETT Show, Mr Jones said: "It was a privilege to demonstrate the accomplishments of the four RGS Worcester schools, sharing our insights and experiences with fellow educators and school leaders.

"The biggest threat of AI to education is to do nothing.

"Therefore, sharing our commitment to a proactive approach in understanding the potential benefits and pitfalls of AI will hopefully help others to navigate this important new technological landscape.”