A BT roadshow across the West Midlands is set to stop off in Worcester later this month in efforts to raise awareness about the shift to digital landlines.

Worcester residents will have the opportunity to learn more about how the landlines will be changing over the coming years, and gain hands-on experience with BT's new digital landline service, Digital Voice.

The event will take place on Thursday, February 22 between 10am and 2pm at The Hive, giving customers the chance to talk to advisors and have their queries answered.


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It forms part of the broader campaign undertaken by BT to educate the public on the nationwide transition from analogue to digital landlines.

The shift is an industry-wide necessity and has been influenced by similar changes in numerous countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Sweden.

The upgrade is intended to replace quickly ageing technology and to set the UK's landlines on the path to future sustainability.

Vicky Hicks, senior engagement manager at BT, said: "We will be visiting the West Midlands to talk to as many customers as possible about the switch to digital landlines and answer any questions they may have."

“The landline is here to stay, and for the majority of customers, making the switch simply involves plugging your phone into a broadband router instead of into a wall-mounted phone socket, bringing new benefits such as advanced spam call blocking.

"If you feel you need additional support with the transition or you think you are vulnerable, please tell us."

Advantages of the new technology include advanced spam call blocking.

Digital Voice also won't affect how customers currently use their phones, nor will it impact their existing service, and price plan.

The Worcester event is one of more than 30 that BT will be holding on their roadshow across the region throughout February.

Those looking to attend can find further details about the event on www.bt.com/digital-voice.