The Liberal Democrats has announced their candidate for the West Mercia police and crime commissioner.

The party made public that Cllr Sarah Murray is their nominated contender.

A substantial candidate with varied experience, Ms Murray has worked in law, teaching and mental health.

Sarah Murray is known for her strong advocacy for mental health services and has been a consistent voice campaigning against violence towards women and girls.

Although the Liberal Democrats aim to scrap police and crime commissioners, Ms Murray expressed desire to bring liberal values to the West Mercia Police Force to help combat crime and meet community needs while the role exists.

Worcester News: The party made public that Cllr Sarah Murray is their nominated contender

Being a zealous campaigner for Lib Dems, Ms Murray has a respected history of listening to voter concerns and pushing for improvements in their lives.

There is a noticeable wave of Liberal Democrat support in the region, especially in Shropshire, creating a likely contest between Sarah Murray and the Conservative candidate.

Sarah Murray said "I am delighted to have made it through the selection process.

"I believe I can bring a degree of authenticity and diversity to the role.

"My background in law, teaching and mental health lends itself to a role that requires a dynamic approach to tackling and preventing criminal activity.

"I would love the opportunity to bring Liberal Democrat values to West Mercia."