The PCC's improvement plans for West Mercia have been endorsed by the Police and Crime Panel.

Police and crime commissioner John Campion intends to further develop services in West Mercia Police following previous efforts to create a safer environment.

With the country still grappling with economic problems, the PCC has had to make significant decisions to redirect resources to where the public need them most.


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Key points of focus include better visibility and accessibility in policing through the introduction of town centre units to deal with shoplifting, anti-social behavior, and thefts.

The PCC has said that an emphasis on improved investigations and outcomes will see technology upgrades designed to assist officers in probing criminal activity on mobile devices and computers.

PCC Campion also stresses the importance of enhancing public contact, particularly through shorter call wait times for both emergency and non-emergency lines.

Technological advancements to allow members of the public to upload digital evidence is also on the agenda.

PCC John Campion said: "This budget has the communities of West Mercia at the heart of it.

"My latest investment will build on the progression I have already made in West Mercia Police and will focus on the areas that matter to the public such as how they make contact with their police service."

He added: "This budget has come with some tough decisions and, as a result, some changes will have to be made within West Mercia Police."

Temporary chief constable Alex Murray said: "Building on the investments made over the last year, this budget will support our commitment to visible and accessible policing for the people of Herefordshire, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Worcestershire."

In the approved proposals, a 4.91% increase in the council tax element for policing was agreed upon, equating to around £277.50 for an average Band D property, which equates to a raise of 25p per week.