The star-studded cast of a new production inspired by the "best-suppressed scandal in Hollywood history" has been announced.

'As SHE Likes It', a new play by Chloe Wade Productions, is set to wow Worcester audience at the Swan Theatre on Wednesday, February 28.

The dark comedy pays homage to the story of Patricia Douglas, who was one of the first people in the film industry to come forward after being sexually assaulted.


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Following the assault at an MGM party in 1937, the dancer filed charges which were quickly dismissed and silenced.

In the cast, Krupa Pattani (Hollyoaks, Mr Bates vs The Post Office), will play the role of 'Damsel In Distress', while Lucy Tuck (Macbeth), fresh from her performance in 'The Selfish Giant', will take on the character of 'Leading Lady'.

Globe Theatre veteran, Tanika Yearwood (A Midsummer Night's Dream) will portray the 'Sex Symbol', while Stacey Evans (Macbeth, Vera), fresh from her début solo show, 'Hanging Around', will play the 'Screwball Comedy Queen'.

Heading the production and making her writing debut, Chloe Wade (The Snow Queen, Doctors) will star as the 'Girl Next Door'.

Three generations on from the assault of Miss Douglas, 'As SHE Likes It' tackles the enduring legacy of sexism and exploitation in the industry, intertwining live theatre and filmed footage and crafting powerful narrations.

Worcester News: The dark comedy centres around five women in Hollywood, examining the lasting legacy of sexism and

This Brechtian-style play sees the Damsel swap her rose-tinted glasses for a reality check, a Leading Lady concealing her sexuality, a Sex Symbol suppressing her appetite, a Comedy Queen masking sorrow with laughter, and a Girl Next Door unveiling the harsh realities of Hollywood stardom.

The play, written and acted by Chloe Wade, inquires: how much difference exists between yesteryear's Hollywood and today's?

It aims to amplify the stories of Miss Douglas and other silenced women in all their intersectional complexity.

The audience is warned to bid farewell to the typical Hollywood "happily ever after" with this production.

Supported by Olivier award-winning playwright Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, the production is directed by Tilly Vosburgh and produced by Danica Corns.

Ticket prices start from £10 and can be purchased at various venue box offices.