Worcester Cathedral will host two exhibitions this month to showcase the work of stonemasons in the building's recovery from storm damage.

One of the exhibitions is a tribute to the cathedral's in-house stonemasons work on bringing the cathedral back to full health following Storm Arwen in November 2021, while the other is a collection of drawings, prints and audio work developed by engaging with the work of stonemasons.

'Pinnacle' centres on the cathedral's recovery after the storm, which tore a pinnacle from the Cathedral Tower's Northeast corner, causing severe damage to the 14th Century vaulted ceiling beneath.


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Throughout 2022, the stonemasons dedicated their time to rebuilding the damaged sections.

Exactly two years after the storm, on November 27 last year, a new pinnacle, received a blessing in a 'Topping Out' ceremony to signify the restoration project's completion.

Visitors can view the stonemasons' reconstruction journey, with the exhibit featuring parts of the damaged masonry, sketches, maquettes of the new pinnacle design, and project details.

Worcester News: 'Pinnacle' tributes the work on stonemasons recovering the cathedral following damage suffered

'Pinnacle' will be showcased in the Dean’s Chapel until Thursday, February 29.

Meanwhile 'Journeymen', a creative endeavour by Darren Williams and Claire Burgoyne, comprises drawings, prints, and audio work collected during close interaction with the stonemasons.

Mr Williams and Ms Burgoyne, who have been collaborators since 2016 and also lecture on art and design at Hereford College of Arts, said: "We were introduced to their world and this helped us form our visual interpretation and understanding of the beauty and integrity of the stone."

Worcester News: 'Journeymen' is made up of drawings, prints and audio work collected during collaborative work with

'Journeymen' will be on display in the Cathedral Crypt until Sunday, March 3.

Reverend Canon Kimberly Bohan said: "On the weekends we say morning prayer in the Crypt.

"This exhibit is all the more powerful as we sit here in silence.

"I love that space always, but the large-scale prints shift it in ways that are engaging, without disturbing the deep calm."

Both exhibitions, which will be open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm and on Sundays from 12:30 to 3pm, offer free entry.

For additional details, visit www.worcestercathedral.org.uk/whats-on.