The council has urged homeowners to fill in a survey about the condition of their housing.

The review, conducted by Opinion Research Services, has targeted 4,000 randomly selected properties across the city, with a £20 GiftPay voucher up for grabs for anyone that completes it.

The aim of the Worcester Housing Stock Condition Survey is to gauge the adequacy of both privately rented and owner-occupied properties in the area.


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It includes questions about the type, age and condition of the property, its energy efficiency details, and whether it is a house in multiple occupation.

Each distributed letter includes an access code.

After completing the survey, a visit from a surveyor is arranged.

Those who cannot complete the survey online are given the option to do so via a freephone number.

Chair of Worcester City Council’s communities committee, Cllr Jabba Riaz, said: "We would encourage any resident who receives a letter to complete the survey and have the surveyor attend.

"The overall results will give us a clearer picture of the condition of people’s homes in Worcester and will inform policies to help improve housing in the city."

"The information will be shared with the Council for the purpose of producing and publishing statistics and it won’t identify any property or individual.”