Are you looking to add a special pet to your family?

Dogs Trust Evesham has plenty of dogs who are looking for their forever homes.

If you can’t adopt a furry friend but still want to help, you can support the centre’s work by giving a donation.

This can be done via the support page on the website.

5 puppies at Dogs Trust Evesham who need new homes

We’ve listed the puppies currently available at the centre, all of which are one-year-olds.


Worcester News: BrixtonBrixton (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Male

Age – 1 year

Breed – Crossbreed

Brixton is described as being “a lovely boy” and although he has a brilliant history of being around children, he is looking for an adult-only home.

Dogs Trust Evesham explains that Brixton “has some noise sensitivities which have sometimes resulted in grabbing behaviours.”

Brixton came into the centre’s care as he wasn’t getting on with a cat at his previous home so he’ll need to be the only pet in his new home.

After he has been introduced to other dogs, he can have some walking buddies.

Dogs Trust Evesham adds: “Brixton is an American Pocket Bully type and well below the height threshold required to be considered an XL type.”

Find out more about Brixton via the Dogs Trust website.

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Worcester News: NalaNala (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Female

Age – 1 year

Breed – Dobermann Cross

Nala is looking for an adult-only home and will need her new owners to help her continue training.

She can walk with quieter dogs but she needs to be walked in quiet, low-dop populated areas.

Nala can’t live with another dog or cat and the Dogs Trust vet team will be happy to talk to her new owner about her ongoing medical issues concerning her hips.

She currently attends hydrotherapy sessions and takes medication but the centre encourages those who see the only barrier for adopting Nala as her health to still speak to them.

Find out more about Nala via the Dogs Trust website.


Worcester News: CluedoCluedo (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Male

Age – 1 year

Breed – Border Collie

Cluedo is looking for an adult-only home where he can be the only pet.

Having said that, he is sociable with other dogs and would be able to have walking or play buddies.

New adopters will need to visit Cluedo several times at the centre before the centre does some home visits to help him settle.

They will need to live within an hour’s drive of the Evesham centre as Cluedo can get a bit car sick and he isn’t too fond of cars in general.

Find out more about Cluedo via the Dogs Trust website.

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Worcester News: ObieObie (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender - Male

Age - 1 year

Breed - Mastiff Cross

Obie is looking for an active home that's adult-only as he is friendly but can sometimes forget his size.

When he is settled into his new home, he could welcome younger visitors who are around teenage age.

Obie needs a secure garden with fences that are at least 6ft high.

He will need to be walked on the lead and could live with another dog depending on a successful mix at the centre.

Find out more about Obie via the Dogs Trust website.


Worcester News: ZaraZara (Image: Dogs Trust)

Gender – Female

Age – 1 year

Breed – Crossbreed

Find out more about Zara via the Dogs Trust website.

Zara is sensitive and needs some help with realising that life isn’t as scary as it seems.

She’s looking for a quiet home that is adult-only with no visiting children.

Zara will need to meet her potential new owners at the centre on multiple occasions before she can go to her new home.

She’ll need to be the only pet and can’t have a home near a busy road.