A 35-YEAR-old man denies burglary of a Pinvin pub. 

Samuel Norman is accused of burglary of The Coach and Horses Public House in Main Street, Pinvin, near Pershore. 

Norman, of Hollyblue Close, Drakes Broughton, Pershore, appeared at Worcester Magistrates Court on Tuesday, (February 20). 

Norman pleaded not guilty to two charges of burglary other than dwelling and criminal damage to property valued under £5,000. 

Worcester News: PUB: Coach and Horses pubPUB: Coach and Horses pub (Image: Google)

The burglary charge says: "Between June 26, 2023, and June 29, 2023, (Norman) entered as a trespasser the public house - stole a quantity of monies including £402.60 from the till, £1,255.50 from one gaming machine and £350 from another gaming machine and a number of bottles of spirits."

The criminal damage is alleged to have taken place between the same dates  - Norman accused of causing £1,500 damage to the gaming machines belonging to Heddleworth Amusements. 

Prosecutor Owen Beale told the court the case was suitable for magistrates, with magistrates agreeing it was within their powers.

Mark Turnbull, defending, said Norman denies the charge saying he wasn't at the pub at the time. 

Norman was told to attend his trial which was scheduled for May 30 at Worcester Magistrates Court.

Norman was given conditional bail - the condition being he must not attend the Coach and Horse pub.