The average council tax bill in Worcester is going up by £95 a year.

And city councillors have voted to give themselves a six per cent pay rise.

Worcester City Council is raising its share of council tax to £213.08 for the average Band D property.

That’s an annual rise of £6.19 at Band D, an increase of about 1p a day.

Councillors agreed the rise at a marathon full council meeting at the Guildhall last night (Tuesday, February 20).

The total annual charge for a Band D property, including the precepts for the county council and both the police and fire authorities, is now £2,126.72 - a 4.68 per cent rise.

The increase in the city council’s element of residents’ council tax bills for each property band is:

• Band A - £4.12

• Band B - £4.82

• Band C - £5.50

• Band D - £6.19

• Band E - £7.56

• Band F - £8.94

• Band G - £10.31

• Band H - £12.38

Also on the agenda at Tuesday’s meeting was the subject of members’ allowances.

Worcester News: Lynn Denham said voting for a council tax rise and a pay increase was an 'unfortunate look'Lynn Denham said voting for a council tax rise and a pay increase was an 'unfortunate look'

Councillors voted for a six per cent rise on their basic allowance - significantly lower than the 15.17 per cent rise recommended by the Independent Remuneration Panel, which advises the council on how much members should be compensated.

This means the basic allowance for a Worcester city councillor is now £5,078, with a special responsibility allowance also paid to the chairs and vice-chairs of committees.

Council co-leader Lynn Denham said Labour councillors hadn’t wanted to debate the matter at this particular meeting.

“I think it is an unfortunate look when we are asking our residents to pay more council tax and at the same time we’re voting ourselves money in our pockets,” said Cllr Denham.

“Nearly everybody in this room works hard for their communities and goes above and beyond. It’s a pity that this is a debate.”

Cllr Alan Amos said: “Members should have a reasonable rise the same as everybody else.”

And Cllr Stephen Cockeram said it was important to get remuneration right to attract people from all walks of life to become councillors.