A 40-YEAR-OLD who went on a stealing spree of Pershore shops and supermarkets has been jailed. 

Magistrates who heard the case of Kathleen Chesworth, of Rail Ground, Pershore, said they had "deep concerns" over her constant level of offending.

Andrew Mitchinson, prosecuting, went through the offences; Chesworth having previously pleaded guilty to 16 thefts which all took place last year in Pershore. 

Worcester Magistrates Court heard Chesworth stole:


  • Packs of chicken, worth £20, from ASDA on August 14. 
  • Pizza, chicken and cheese, of unknown value, from ASDA on August 15.
  • Deodorant, valued at £16, from Boots on August 15. 
  • Toiletries valued at £45.98 from Savers on August 16.
  • Confectionary, valued at £80, from Tesco on August 17. 
  • Steak and chicken, valued at £60, from ASDA on August 26.
  • Ham, of unknown value, from ASDA on August 31. 
  • Toiletries, valued at £31.43 from Savers on September 6. 

Worcester News: THEFTS: Chesworth stole from ASDA and TescoTHEFTS: Chesworth stole from ASDA and Tesco (Image: Google)

  • Confectionary, valued at £30, from Tesco on September 16. 
  • Confectionary, valued at £40, from Tesco on September 17. 
  • Toiletries, valued at £38.96, from Boots on September 18. 
  • Various meats, valued at £100, from ASDA on September 21. 
  • Steaks, drinks and confectionery, valued at £119.11 from ASDA on September 23.
  • Christmas gift sets, worth £117, from Boots on September 23. 
  • Steak and confectionary, valued at £78, from ASDA on September 24. 
  • Confectionary, of unknown value, from Tesco on October 2.


Mr Mitchinson told the court on Thursday, (February 22), that in admitting the thefts Chesworth had also breached her suspended sentence. 

Gary Harper, defending Chesworth, argued there was strong mitigation which should be considered in the defendant's case. 

But, after magistrates went out of courtroom 2 for deliberations, they announced to Chesworth she would be jailed for the thefts. 

Darren Smith, chairman of the bench, announced they were also activating the suspended sentence order. 

Mr Smith explained the punishment was due to offending despite being given the suspended sentence, and the history of her non-compliance. 

Worcester News: STEALING: Chesworth stole from supermarkets in PershoreSTEALING: Chesworth stole from supermarkets in Pershore (Image: Getty Images)Chesworth was jailed for a total of 21 weeks, being told she would likely serve half the sentence. 

The defendant was also told to pay £160 compensation - which she will be due to pay within 28 days of leaving prison. 

No order for costs or victim surcharge was made due to Chesworth's financial means.

  • The prosecution have also applied for the defendant to made subject of a criminal behaviour order which would prevent her from entering the shops. 

Mr Harper said the order was being contested by the defence.

Chesworth was told to appear on videolink to Worcester Magistrates Court for a hearing at 2pm on March 25.