A school in Peopleton has been making efforts to become "period positive" by teaching students about the impact of the menstrual cycle.

Bowbrook House School, in partnership with organisations Fab Little Bags and Empower-Health.org, has taught boys and girls in both key stage three and four to the effects of periods on training, sport and academic performance.

Pupils have also been made aware of the environmental consequences of improper disposal of period products, which could contaminate rivers and oceans.


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Signs are now hung in all the school restrooms advocating responsible disposal and providing free Fab Little Bags.

Former Bowbrook House School student and founder of Empower-Health.org, Emily Allen, will deliver additional lectures to the students.

The website's objective extends beyond gender boundaries, with aims to bridge the gap between biology and behaviour and simplifying science and making it actionable for everyone, regardless of gender.

The initiative underscores the importance of understanding women's bodies for all individuals.