Households are being warned to not leave some items on a windowsill to prevent ruining owners’ possessions.

Specialists at have shared eight things you should never leave on your windowsills where the temperature can fluctuate.

Whether you use your windowsill to store plants or candles, you might want to check what’s there and move the items before they become a problem.

John Cutts, a glass expert at, said: “While a windowsill can be a great place to decorate a room and be used as extra storage, it can also be a risk to certain items if they’re left on there for long periods of time.

Worcester News: Some plants can burn their leaves when in the direct sunlight all daySome plants can burn their leaves when in the direct sunlight all day (Image: Getty)

“Certain items such as candles and mirrors pose a serious fire risk by being placed on a windowsill as they can easily overheat even in chilly weather.

“Perfumes and aftershaves are also popular items people keep displayed on their window sill but the truth is, the fluctuation in temperatures could damage your favourite scents and make them go out of date quicker.

“The changing temperatures is also why it’s best to avoid leaving anything edible on the windowsill as it can spoil much quicker.”

8 things you shouldn’t store on your windowsills

Deodorant cans

If a deodorant can is exposed to direct sunlight for too long, the pressure starts to rise inside which could cause it to explode.

Instead, store your deodorant cans away in a sealed bag or cabinet.


The scent of your favourite perfume or aftershave can change if it’s left on a windowsill due to the temperature fluctuations.

Keep your fragrances in a cool and dark place instead.

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Don’t leave your fruit bowl in your windowsill as it can attract fruit flies and other foods can spoil quicker if left there.


Avoid leaving makeup vanities on the windowsill as they can pose a serious fire risk.

Even on colder days with low temperatures, strong rays of sunlight can cause major problems.


Sunlight coming through a window can make a candle ignite even when it’s not warm outside, posing a fire risk so don’t leave candles on windowsills.

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Delicate or valuable items

The experts also warn homeowners to avoid placing delicate or valuable items like photo frames on windowsills as they could be more likely to break when the window is being opened or cleaned.

Mobile phones

If a mobile phone is left on a windowsill for a long period of time, it could easily overheat which could lead to the battery heating up to dangerous levels or even cause it to explode.


While peace lilies and violets like to be in the sunlight, too much of it can cause the leaves to burn so leaving them on a windowsill all day isn’t a good idea.

You can prevent the leaves from burning by rotating the plants and closing any blinds.