A RESIDENT in Malvern has expressed concern over drainage problems that caused a road to flood after recent bad weather.

Bruce Pallett, who lives near the B4209 on Hanley Road in Malvern, believes an accident is waiting to happen if the problem does not get solved.

Water has flown down the road and caused substantial damage to the roadside verge.

Mr Pallett said he had tried to contact the council to see if something could be done but has not had a reply.

"It's a fairly serious incident," he said.

"It has been inspected but nothing has been done. The recent floods that have come down have caused significant damage to the side of the road.

"The verge has been covered by the water, which has formed into a channel and on to the road side.

"I have tried to contact the council but there has been no reply - they don't seem to be interested."

Worcester News: Further evidence shows how the road verge on Hanley Road builds up with rainFurther evidence shows how the road verge on Hanley Road builds up with rain (Image: Bruce Pallett)

Mr Pallett said the problem has been worsened due to the water now blocking a ditch beside a hedge that is next to a plot of land that has overgrown and is causing issues.

He added that at the height of the rain this year, water had gone across the whole of Hanley Road and had travelled to the traffic lights down at the bottom of the road.

"No one knows who is the owner of that land," he added.

"Myself and a neighbour cleared the road ourselves by diverting the water into a ditch that has solved the problem - for now.

"When you drive up the road water gets sprayed everywhere and you get drenched.

"The road is on a steep slope and there is a long bend - it's near the B4209.

"It is a problem and is dangerous because at some stage someone will miss the road to avoid the water and run someone over on the pavement.

"We are in a nasty little area. The ditch needs cleaning out but no one wants to do it now."

A spokesperson for Worcestershire County Council highways said: “We will conduct a site visit to assess the situation and to agree next steps.

"We will also liaise with Malvern Hills District Land Drainage department regarding ditches in the area.”