AFTER a rainy start to 2024 there is a chance we may see snow in Worcestershire later this week.

The Net Weather website is currently displaying a chance - albeit a very slim one  - that Worcester and the wider county may see some snow. 

The Pershore-based forecaster has updated its site with the Met Office also saying there is a risk of snow. 


When will it snow in Worcestershire?


There is a possibility of snow in Worcester from Friday, (March 1). 

However, the chances are very small with an 18 per cent chance that day in the city. 

The chance is higher in Malvern which is showing a 25 per cent chance and Droitwich has a 27 per cent chance.

Evesham has an 18 per cent chance on Friday but that rises to a 33 per cent on Saturday, (March 2).


What is the forecast for today in Worcestershire?


The forecast for today, (Wednesday), is light rain this afternoon and throughout tomorrow, (February 29). 

Temperatures will reach highs of around 9C.

The early forecast for next week is looking promising as there is no rain forecast, with sunny intervals and temperatures reaching 14C.