PEOPLE got out of their cars to walk dogs and push pushchairs as a motorway looks set to stay shut for several more hours.

National Highways said the M50 looks likely to stay closed through the evening peak between J2 (Ledbury) and J1 Tewkesbury following a serious crash.

Collision investigations are being carried out by West Mercia Police.

A National Highways spokesperson said: "Traffic caught within the closure is being turned around via the rear of the queue.

Worcester News: STATIONARY: The M50 near Ledbury is at a standstillSTATIONARY: The M50 near Ledbury is at a standstill (Image: Darak Kreiger)

"However, this is not a quick process and approx. 2.5 miles of traffic is left to be turned.

"Please await instructions from police or traffic officers. Thanks for your patience."

Darek Kreiger, from Worcester, is caught up in the stationary traffic on the M50.

He took pictures of walking pets and going for walks with their children in pushchairs.

He said: "It was sudden traffic jam.

Worcester News: CORRIDOR: People make room for emergency vehiclesCORRIDOR: People make room for emergency vehicles (Image: Darak Kreiger)

"I realised it was serious when cars started to form a corridor for ambulances and fire engines.

"I have seen helicopter ambulance, later it started northbound.

"I know no details of accident itself apart from two lorries were involved just next to J1 eastbound.

"Traffic to south Wales is apparently restored.

"Neighbouring drivers do not understand how is it possible not to manage a passage to release all entrapped here."