AN 87-year-old man who had a fall outside his home has praised two hero bin men who came to his rescue.

Kevin Mullane and Jeremy Short witnessed John Williams fall and hit his head after tripping on a curb on Eastwood Drive, Kidderminster.

The two men, who work for Wyre Forest District Council, stayed with John until the ambulance and his daughter arrived.

They kept him warm using Kevin's work coat and made sure he was comfortable.

John said he feels lucky that they were there to help him.

He said: "They were my heroes.

"They witnessed the incident, they stopped their vehicle, they jumped out and looked after me.

"They gave me top priority over everything else".

Worcester News: Jeremy Short, John Williams and his granddaughter Holly, and Kevin MullaneJeremy Short, John Williams and his granddaughter Holly, and Kevin Mullane (Image: Wyre Forest District Council)

He added: "I just tripped on a curb. I damaged my feet, my nose, my hand and my head. Only minor problems.

"They saw me flat on my face. They were there for nearly an hour and a half while the ambulance came. 

"They kept me warm, got me a drink, they were brilliant".

Following the incident, Kevin and Jeremy visited John to check up on him.

John and his family bought Kevin and Jeremy first-class tickets for the Severn Valley Railway as a thank-you for their "compassion" during the incident last month.

The two bin men both thanked John for the gift.

Kevin said: “I would like to thank John and his family for the lovely gift they bought me for looking after John after his unfortunate fall.

"I would like to wish John all the best and good health for the future.”