THERE was a small drop in crime in Worcester at the start of the year, new police data shows. 

New figures released by West Mercia Police show that in the latest month of data for January there were 952 crimes. 

In comparison, in the month before there were 962 crimes. 

In further comparison there were 987 crimes in November; 1,159 crimes in October (the most crime-hit month of 2023); 1,113 crimes in September; 1,158 crimes in August and 1,115 crimes in July. 

Throughout the entire 2023 West Mercia Police recorded a total of 12,791 crimes in the city. 

The most common crime type in January was violence and sexual assault which accounted for 361 crimes. 

The second most common type that month was anti-social behaviour with 161 crimes.

And the third most common type in January was shoplifting with 99 crimes. 

In the month prior, in December, the most common crime type was also violence and sexual assault with 367 crimes. 

The second most common type that month was anti-social behaviour with 137 crimes.

And the third most common type in December was shoplifting with 109 crimes. 

According to the data the most crime-hit residential road in Worcester in January is Gresham Road which had 22 crimes. 

Wiselack Place was recorded as having 16 crimes, while Bilford Road has 11 crimes, Linden Road had 10 crimes, The Avenue had 10 crimes and Selsey Close had 8.

The number of crime for city centre streets that month included:

  • 21 crimes in Castle Street
  • 15 in Angel Street

Worcester News: CRIMES: Castle StreetCRIMES: Castle Street (Image: Google Street View)


  • 14 in Church Street
  • 10 crimes in Angel Place
  • 10 in Broad Street
  • 9 in Bank Street
  • 8 in Angel Row

The figures reveal there were 13 crimes at city railway stations - 12 at Worcester Foregate Street and one at Worcester Shrub Hill. 

There were 43 crimes recorded at supermarkets in the city, many being shoplifting offences, including at ASDA supermarket.