A FLOODLIT business park next to an estate has drawn complaints from residents who claim it lights up properties '"like daylight".

However, other people living in Turners Close in Blackpole said they are reassured by the lights coming from the neighbouring business park.

It is home to the former MEB headquarters, which is now an apartment building known as Bridgewater House, BT Fleet MOT Centre, Volker Laser and WPD Worcester.

The business park, which is a BT Openreach compound, is littered with floodlights - some of which that back onto properties.

Previous complaints over the floodlights to the council resulted in the lights being capped, only for the situation to arise again.

One resident wrote to Worcester News claiming that their property was lit up "like daylight" because of a light on the park titling towards the estate.

Worcester News has contacted the resident for further comment but has not received a response.

Visiting homes on the road, other residents complained to our reporter that the noise was more of a factor, with one homeowner saying there was "a lot of noise at around 6am".

Another resident on Turners Close said they "hadn't experienced any problems" with the floodlights.

A homeowner on Salters Close was more opposed to the trees that back onto some of the houses by the business park.

"They start work early in that yard but it doesn't disturb us," they said.

"The trees are more of a problem to us. We complained to the MEB because they have only been cut once in the last 18 years.

"In the summer when they are fuller and the wind is blowing - they don't half go!"

One resident said that she wasn't affected by the floodlights and felt the extra lighting offered more security.

"I quite like it. We get a lot of teenagers hanging around the park on the estate so the extra lighting gives us a bit more security."

A Worcester City Council spokesperson said: “We have looked into a complaint relating to this site and found that the level of light impacting on the properties is acceptable in law.

"Worcester residents can find information on light pollution by going to www.worcsregservices.gov.uk and searching for ’light’.”