As well as boasting vast and picturesque riverside, Worcestershire is home to a number of beautiful woodland walks.

If you are looking for somewhere new to walk your dog or a romantic route to take your partner for a Sunday stroll, a woodland walk might be just what you need.

Here are five of the best woods to walk around in Worcestershire.

1. Worcester Woods Country Park

Worcester News: Where: Wildwood Drive, Worcester

A popular place for families and dog walkers to visit, Worcester Woods Country Park offers several walking routes and is wheelchair friendly.

The park is famous for its ancient woodland, attractive wildflowers and abundant wildlife.

The Orchard café at the Park is the perfect place for a refreshment serving a range of hot and cold dishes. 

There is also car parking and toilets on site.

2. Tiddesley Wood

Where: Besford Bridge Road, Pershore

Worcester News:

In another lifetime, Tiddersley Wood was an enclosed deer park owned by the Abbots of Pershore Abbey.

It boasts a beautiful orchard at its main entrance, near the car park, and families can enjoy 80 hectare semi-natural ancient woodland.

3. Wyre Forest

Where: Callow Hill, Kidderminster

Worcester News: Can you spot the Gruffalo at Wyre Forest?Can you spot the Gruffalo at Wyre Forest? (Image: Wyre Forest)With a chance to spot the Gruffalo, it comes as no surprise that Wyre Forest is hit with families.

But it is not just for children, you can hire a bike, enjoy the Go Ape course or get your dog washed on-site.

4. Monkwood

Where: Monkwood Green, Worcester, WR2 6NX

Worcester News: The wood is well known for its butterflies.The wood is well known for its butterflies. (Image: Street View)Monkwood is a semi-natural ancient woodland that is renowned for its ground flora and butterfly species.

Maintained by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, there are trails and paths through the woods and a small car park.

The wood is well known for its butterflies and you might also spot dragonflies too.

5. Bodenham Arboretum

Where: Bodenham Ln, Kidderminster

Worcester News: The 134-acre site in Wolverely is known to be a family fun day out especially when it is hosting a trail.

There are over 3000 different species of trees in Bodenham Arboretum and several miles of paths that lead through acres of daffodils, primroses and foxgloves.