Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has spoken out after facing some backlash for his comments on the Spring Budget.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt took to the House of Commons to share the Spring Budget with the UK.

Throughout the budget, Lewis was offering his comments and opinions on social media platform X, formally Twitter.

At the start of his speech, Hunt confirmed that he would be increasing the repayment period for new loans from 12 months to 24 months, although it received mixed opinions in the Commons, Lewis described it as a "welcome move".

Sharing: "This is a welcome move. It lessens the burden on some of the payback of lowest incomes."

The Money Saving Expert also commented on the Chancellor's move to cancel the debt relief order of £90 describing its as "GOOD NEWS".

Adding: "Simplifying, these are a sort of easier form of bankruptcy for those with limited assets. The fact you have to pay for it has been a barrier to people who need help getting help. Very pleased to see the charge gone."

However, not everyone was happy to hear that Lewis had welcomed the moves by the Conservative Chancellor.

Forcing Lewis to speak out against the comments made by "annoyed" people, writing on X: 

"A few people annoyed with me that I've been positive about some announcements. Sorry but I'm not party political, if I believe an individual announcement is good I'll call it that.


"If it's bad I'll call it that. Eg. wiping the cost of debt relief orders is something many who focus on debt help have wanted a long time, it is good news, whichever party announces it."

Many of Lewis's followers were quick to give their support as one said: "You are definitely neutral Martin. You call it as it is. Good or bad. Most people know you're not political."

As another said the Money Savings Experts opinion was "appreciated", writing: "Which is exactly as it should be. Keep doing what you are doing - it’s hugely appreciated."