MALVERN'S sink hole saga which started last October is still continuing - but it could be that a conclusion is in the pipeline.

The hole is at the top end of Moorlands Road alongside a footpath on the edge of Link Top Common and Helen Milton, who lives close by, has been trying to get help to sort it out as the hole is just getting deeper and wider.

Originally it had three barriers around it, and now there are nine. It is about two and a half metres long, two metres wide in one place and at least a metre deep.

While Malvern Hills Trust workmen have cleared out the hole removing soil and parts of the dangerous broken pipe, none of the authorities appeared to be responsible.

But, this week, cllr Beverley Nielsen, Malvern Langland representative on Worcestershire County Council said: "Worcestershire County Council have in the past week confirmed the pipe in question is a culverted watercourse with this 450mm vitrified clay pipe taking run off water from the hills and they have communicated to the land owner, Malvern Hills Trust that this matter is now their responsibility. 

"I understand that they will be repairing this pipe although I have not been given a timeline at this stage.

"Highways have cleared Moorlands Road and supported the residents when this was flooded and I'm confident our officers will continue to do all they can to ensure the highway remains passable whatever the weather."

Mrs Milton said: "I am pleased that at long last someone - Malvern Hill Trust - is going to resolve this issue but hope it can happen ASAP, before it gets any worse."