AN UBEREATS driver claims he has been unfairly targeted by traffic wardens - with one even chasing his car to toss a parking fine through his window.

Mehmet Ince, from Worcester, works as a delivery driver for Uber Eats and Just Eat - but claims he is getting tickets for parking in the correct spaces.

Instead, he feels overzealous traffic wardens are handing him fines with one recent ticket given for parking in a loading bay in Worcester while collecting a delivery despite his claims council officials told him he could park there.

He has at least three £60 fines he is disputing - however, they rise to £100 if they are not paid within 14 days.

Mr Mehmet said: "I have paid the council a lot of money. I have been working on and off as a delivery driver for the past two years and worked for private shops before then.

"I was told I am not allowed to park in a loading bay and I was given a ticket for parking there at a restricted time, even though I parked outside the restrictions.

"On Barbourne Road, I parked outside The Lemon Tart to collect a delivery and part of my car was past the bus stop - but I was not restricting buses coming in as there were none at the time.

"A traffic warden and civil enforcement officer ran to my car, printed a ticket off and as I drove away tried to put it through my window."

Mr Mehmet said juggling the payments for the tickets while trying to support his family was a struggle.

While he has informed the council that the letters issued to him feature the wrong name - he said they have blamed the DVLA for this mistake.

"I cannot sleep because of the stress," he said.

"I am working just to try and survive. I am happy to pay but I want to raise a dispute as to why. 

"I have lived here for 20 years so I don't understand why they are doing this. I feel discriminated. 

"I am struggling to feed my family with these fines, it's bringing me to the edge of life."

A spokesperson for Worcester City Council said: “We do not provide details on individual cases but can confirm that we are in discussions with the customer in respect of his concerns.”