BARGAIN Hunt viewers were surprised a pair "paid way over the top" for a table during an episode set in Malvern. 

At the start of the episode of the fun programme, screened on Tuesday, ( March 5), on BBC 1, the red team's Nick - a civil engineer, and Celina, an Occupational Therapist, were asked if they would win.

Nick confidently said: "Definitely they are not going to stand a chance."

However, their confidence seemed to have proved misguided as bemused viewers watched the red team spend the most money on a decorative table which had a "Late 10th/early 20th-century North African campaign table."

Worcester News: TABLE: The red team bought this during their bargain huntingTABLE: The red team bought this during their bargain hunting (Image: BBC/Bargain Hunt)

Expert Caroline said: "I think you will really struggle to get a profit on £110 (the asking price) if I'm honest you'll need to get it down."

After managing to get it to £75 Celina said: "Wow, we will, go for that".

But viewers took to social media to question the purchase one writing on X, formerly Twitter: "Nothing special about that Moroccan tourist table, they paid way over the top for it" and another saying the pair had made a "huge mistake". 

Viewers were proved right as the red team went on to get only £50 at auction for the table. 

But, in the end, the red team turned it round to win, after managing to make a profit on another item. 

Worcester News: WIN: The red team turned it round to winWIN: The red team turned it round to win (Image: BBC/Bargain Hunt/iplayer)

The episode, filmed at the Three Counties Showground, featured famous auctioneer Kidderminster born Phillip Serrell.

The episode is available for catch-up on BBC iPlayer.