In a touching display, members of the Ukrainian community in Worcester handed out more than 1,000 flowers to passers by as a thank you to the local community for welcoming them.

This simple act, symbolising a heartfelt "thank you" to the local community, showed the deep bonds forged between Worcester's residents and the Ukrainian community.

The gesture came as a display of unity saw Worcester's Guild Hall host more than 200 community members commemorating the second anniversary of Russian aggression in Ukraine on February 24.

The collaborative event was orchestrated by the Midlands Migrant Support Centre, Worcester City Council, and more than 15 Ukrainian volunteers.

United under flags and songs, attendees created a feeling of shared history and resilience.

Amid shared stories and the simple comfort of tea and cake, the spirit of the Ukrainian community sparkled, undimmed by ongoing conflict.

As the world considers the situation in Ukraine, the Guild Hall event highlights the value of solidarity and communal support in crisis.

In honouring the moment in history, the event also conveyed messages of unity, resilience, and hope.

It was a reminder that even in the darkest of times, the community spirit shines brightly.

The Ukrainian community has shown remarkable resilience, involving itself in various ways within Worcester.

More than 90 per cent are now employed, with many contributing through volunteering, education and creating new job opportunities.

However, the need for further assistance is far from over.

Recent changes in Home Office policies no longer allow the Ukrainians to sponsor family members for immigration.

It has left many hoping to reunite with their families.

This is where the local community's involvement becomes crucial.

The Homes for Ukraine Scheme requires generous individuals to act as sponsors.

Participation could provide respite to those still grappling with the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

To provide support, reach out to Mariia at