A Worcestershire care provider has shared the story of her career as a way to inspire others this International Women's Day.

Shirley Bradley, Friends of the Elderly's head of day care services, has been vocal about her experiences, her passion for caring, and her advocacy for inclusivity within the care sector.

Supporting this year's International Women's Day on Friday, March 8, she talked about her career transition from the hotel industry to caring for older people.

Friends of the Elderly services in Malvern and Kidderminster, where Shirley line manages, cater for older people with dementia and various age-related conditions.

Shirley discussed her initiation into the care sector: "I used to live in South Africa and when I finished school at 18, working in the Care Sector wasn’t something I had even thought about," she shared.

She entered the Care Sector after a friend recommended it in 2005.

Prior to that, she had held various part-time roles after moving from South Africa to England in December 1999 with her family.

Shirley had been working in the hotel industry in South Africa and found her skills easily transferable to the care sector.

Since beginning as a bank day care assistant, Shirley climbed the ranks to become head of day care services.

Her role now is ensuring the four Friends of the Elderly day care services in Worcestershire and Surrey are effectively run and provide the best possible care for their clients.

She explained: "Throughout all of Friends of the Elderly’s Day Care Services, each member of the team always makes sure that our clients are involved in decisions about their care," tailoring the support and activities to the individuals.

Regarding her team, Shirley said, "I would never expect anyone to do something that I wouldn’t do myself.

"I encourage and support everyone to be the best they can be."

The Friends of the Elderly values are not just channelled towards the clients, but are also aimed at their staff.

"I am treated with respect and above all they care about my safety," Shirley emphasised.

Shirley expressed affection and pride for her role and her team: "I am so lucky to work with the best bunch of colleagues and support a wonderful group of clients," she said.