A church in the town centre and a grand hunting lodge are among the Droitwich heritage sites in need of some TLC.

Historic England lists the places most at risk of being lost as a result of “neglect, decay or inappropriate development” on its Heritage at Risk Register.

Updated in November 2023, 4,871 sites are listed across the country.

St Andrew's Church in the centre of Droitwich - a Grade I listed building - is in poor condition, according to Historic England.

It says the church’s tiled roof and rainwater system on the north-east side of the chapel are leaking, causing decay in a ceiling below.

Worcester News: Westwood House is including on Historic England's at risk listWestwood House is including on Historic England's at risk list (Image: Nicol and Co)

Number 31 High Street, a timber-framed town house, is the other town centre building included on the ‘at risk’ list.

“Extensions to the rear were in very bad condition with structural failure to the timber frame and walls,” Historic England says of the Grade II listed building.

“Failed rainwater goods and a roof in poor condition let in water into the structure and rotted the frame.

“A scheme to convert and upgrade for use as an office, retail units and a residential unit has been approved. An Historic England Repair Grant was given in 2017 and basic repairs are complete. It remains at risk until an occupant is found to complete the fit-out.”

A moated site near Huntingdrop Farm in Hanbury has “extensive significant problems” according to Historic England.

The scheduled monument is deteriorating and in need of management, it says.

Westwood House, near Droitwich, is described by Historic England as a grand hunting lodge dating from 1612 that has now been converted into flats.

“There are growing problems with the wall structure, windows and roof,” says entry for the Grade I listed building.

“Some repairs have been carried out but many other areas need urgent repairs.”

Westwood Park, the historic park that surrounds the house, is also classed as highly vulnerable.

The Church of St Mary and All Saints has had major work on its roof recently thanks to grant funding, but is now in need of repairs on its stonework, Historic England says.