A new arts festival ran by University of Worcester students will run in the city this month.

The three-day 'Speak Volumes!' event will take place from Thursday, 21 to Saturday, March 23, and is primarily organised by members of the university's Poetry Society.

The festival intends to act as a platform for budding writers, performers, and visual artists to present their skills.


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The event, free to the public, is to be held at The Arches 27 and 28 (the converted railway arches in the city centre, close to The Hive).

If well received, it may become a regular feature on the city's cultural calendar.

Third-year film production & screenwriting student, Freddie Barker, a member of the Poetry Society and part of the festival organising committee, explained the motivation behind the event.

She said: "Though we're not exclusive, we want to boost creativity from students, graduates and adults aged 18 to 30."

The event commences with an opening ceremony at The Arches at 3pm on the Thursday.

It will run until 10pm on opening day, and then from 10am to 10pm on Friday and Saturday.

The festival was inspired by a similar one-night event held in March last year to correspond with World Poetry Day.

The festival features live performances, including original theatre, performance poetry and stand-up comedy.

An Art Gallery will allow all students and creatives in the area to participate.

The Gallery will act as a venue to promote goods from community artists, businesspeople and craftspeople, with a variety of items from gifts and jewellery to one-off vintage finds.

Other highlights include DIY 'zine' publication displays, a variety of interactive creative workshops, and competitions such as photography and slam poetry.

Ms Barker added: "We hope the festival will bring more variety, diversity, excitement and culture to weave into the tapestry of our ever-growing city.

"It's free, unique, and diverse enough to provide something for everyone.

"Supporting this event means supporting local artists, small businesses, and directly feeding into Worcester's vibrant arts scene."

For more details, visit the Speak Volumes event website (https://speakvolumesfestival.co.uk).