IT has been a 'busy' week for the police force dogs after they helped find a high-risk missing person.

West Mercia Police Dogs worked alongside officers to help find a missing person in Worcester.

The person was found thanks to PD Brock, a German Shepherd. 

Across Worcestershire, the team also helped detain three individuals who are suspected of car theft.

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police Dogs said: "Quite a busy week for the Teams-PD Brock located a high-risk missing person in Worcester, who became non-complaint on being found.

"All ended well due to PD Brocks's presence.

"PD Alvin and PD Shadow demonstrated teamwork by locating three males wanted for theft of a vehicle. Thinking they could out run PD Alvin, and Operations Patrol Unit Worcestershire was a mistake, then trying to win at hide and seek from PD Shadow.

"Three detained."