LIKE many other families, mine was shaken when my mother Amanda received a Parkinson’s diagnosis.

At first, we didn’t know where to start in order to support her.

The diagnosis felt unfair and it was difficult to see her battle with the disease.

Fuelled by this experience, I decided to quit my full-time recruitment job and I was inspired to utilise my skillset to create a different, more inclusive model of care.

A system that empowers families to actively participate in choosing the support they receive.

The journey of ageing or living with a disability can be isolating and it’s a burden nobody should carry alone.

With an ageing population, skill shortages and price gouging within the sector, the need for compassionate, personalised and affordable care solutions has never been more important.

So I founded Cloud Recruit, a Worcestershire-based startup and care alternative which is more than a recruitment service.

It’s a beacon of hope for families seeking compassionate and affordable home care solutions for loved ones.

The initiative prioritises personalised care and individual needs over a traditional, one-size-fits-all approach.

We go beyond simply connecting individuals directly with care professionals.

The team offers guidance and support, including but not limited to signposting individuals through the process of securing care funding, hosting events that foster social interaction for individuals with additional needs and helping with arranging live-in care alternatives.

Connecting families with care professionals is a method that fosters active family involvement in the care process.

This collaboration not only strengthens family bonds but also ensures care is tailored to each individual’s unique preferences and needs.

You have more control over the selection process, allowing you to interview and choose the carer who best suits your loved one’s personality and needs.

Your loved one will have a dedicated carer instead of a revolving door of professionals, resulting in a better continuum of care.

The innovative approach and heartfelt dedication is transforming lives, enabling people to remain happy in their homes for longer and redefining care in Worcestershire.

The financial strain care needs can put on families is something which is all too commonplace.

Unlike traditional, expensive domiciliary care services, which charge in excess of £25 to £30 per hour, Cloud Recruit emphasises exceptional care without these high costs.

This commitment ensures families can access quality care without breaking the bank.

Cloud Recruit invites individuals and families seeking care and support to join them.

Together, we can all strive to create a community and a future where everyone has the opportunity to live fulfilling lives at home with the compassion and support they deserve.

Contact us today on 020 3318 1594 or email for we are here to help.

Our columnist Rylan Stubbins is a 30-year-old recruitment consultant based in Worcester.