FRUSTRATED business owners are fed up with changing dates of roadworks and said they are embarrassed to have to keep contacting customers. 

Signs on Tolladine Road showing when roadworks are due to start keep changing according to business owner Katie LaCroix. 

Miss LaCroix owns Unit C hairdressers in Rose Avenue, off Tolladine Road, with lifelong friend Vicki Hough.

Temporary traffic lights are planned to be placed in a layby outside their shop which she said is typically used for customer parking. 

Signs announcing the closed layby popped up towards the start of this month, originally showing they would go ahead on Monday, March 11, before changing last week to Monday, March 18.

It changed a third time this week saying the work was due to start on Monday, March 25. 

These changes have been affecting the business as she has been informing her customers of the roadworks which has resulted in cancellations and rebookings.

Miss LaCroix said: "We keep notifying our customers every week and it is embarrassing. 

"They rebook for the following week when the roadworks are supposed to be over and then we have to let them know that they haven't even started. 

"We don't know whether we are coming or going. 

"It's a difficult time as it is.

"What makes things worse is that nobody has let us know, somebody just changes the sign."

Unit C has been open for just under three years following rejuvenation plans for the area back in 2018.

Worcester News:

Miss Hough said: "People have been avoiding these weeks, coming and saying 'I thought this was supposed to be happening last week?'.

"It's a big thing because there's these massive signs.

"There is constantly stuff being done, they are always patching the road. 

"In the first year, we were open, nobody could get here by car as the road was closed since they were building the houses.

"Since we both come from being mobile hairdressers and going to the customers we are trying to make it a nice experience but this is awful for the elderly and people in wheelchairs."

A Worcester County Council spokesperson said: “Works are planned under the use of multiway signals on Rose Avenue/ Tolladine Road between 25 and 29 March to enable the developer to undertake works on behalf of Platform Housing.

"When approving works on the public highway, we have to take into consideration other planned works to minimise disruption for motorists and residents. 

"In this case, the original planned date of works was rescheduled due to other works ongoing on Newtown Road."