A 50p coin commemorating the 2012 Olympics Games has been sold on eBay by a Worcestershire resident for a sizeable profit.

The seller, who lives in Malvern, put the coin up for sale on the online marketplace.

The winning bid came in at £10.50, which means the coin sold for more than 20x its face value.

The buyer will also have to hand over £2.20 for postage.

The 2011 Judo 50p was minted and circulated in celebration of the 2012 Summer Olympics hosted in London.

The Royal Mint hosted a competition for the public to submit their designs for the commemorative collection and, out of 30,000 submissions, 29 were selected.

David Cornell, a painter and sculptor, submitted the Judo design.

A spokesperson for Royal Mint said: "In the build-up to the London 2012 Olympics, the Royal Mint held a coin-design competition to produce a series of 50p pieces on an Olympic sports theme.

"The competition was open to anyone, and it resulted in 29 coins and introduced the youngest-ever designer of United Kingdom coinage at just nine years old.

"With the highest mintage being the archery coin by Piotr Powaga at 3,345,500 and the lowest mintage being the wrestling coin by Roderick Enriquez at 1,129,500, any of these Olympic coins are a rare and exciting addition to a collection."

Royal Mint said people who are looking to sell a coin on the secondary market should bear in mind that if it has an unusually low mintage - it might sell for higher than its face value.

It advises that collectors should always establish how many of the coins are in circulation before committing to a price and, if in doubt, consult an expert.