The roll-out of King Charles III 50p coins is in full swing and coin collectors have started trying to sell sought-after collectables on eBay.

One of these has now been sold in Droitwich after the King Charles III Atlantic Salmon 50p Coin, 2023, sold for over its face value.

This 50p coin is one of eight in a collection that features British wildlife and is inspired by the King's passion for conservation and the natural world.

The Droitwich seller sold there Atlantic Salmon 50p Coin for £9 - eight times its face value.

The Atlantic Salmon coin has been dubbed by the online coin site Copes Coins as one of the "most talked about coins in the coin community".

A spokesperson for Copes Coins said: "The current mintage rumours estimate that only 500,000 of these coins were released into general circulation back in November 2023.

"Since then, these coins have become much harder to find in your change, and prices on online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon have continued to rise, fuelling the speculation that the 2023 Atlantic Salmon 50p is to become one of the rarest coins to enter circulation in the last 15 years."