"FRUSTRATED" residents on a city street are left with no internet and have been for five days.

Around 35 houses on Gregorys Bank in Worcester have been without internet since Friday (March 15), which has caused problems for residents. 

Multiple residents have been struggling to work from home, upload their children's homework or in one case attend an online knitting class.

Worcester News: Residents in Gregory's Bank are still without internet. Residents in Gregory's Bank are still without internet. (Image: Alex Mace)One resident, Alex Mace, said the issues started after City Fibre finished work in the area on Friday, and he believes the work they did may have caused the outage.

Residents then contacted Openreach to solve the infrastructure problem but have remained waiting for five days and counting for it to be solved.

Openreach said it resolved the issue yesterday (Wednesday) when contacted by Worcester News.

Mr Mace said: "There are people in their 80s unable to join online knitting groups or work from home, and if they have children like me, then they can't do their homework."

Worcester News: Alex Mace by one of the road's internet boxes. Alex Mace by one of the road's internet boxes. (Image: Alex Mace)"Internet connection is a basic need.

"We are not in the sticks or where there is no connection."

Mr Mace has been forced to connect his mobile data to his phone to work from home or go to a co-working space, but he said this is a luxury many cannot afford.

"I am lucky because my employers cover this, but others are not so fortunate or vulnerable people rely on internet connection to connect to the wider world.

"People are not very happy. They are frustrated and want to get it fixed."

A spokesperson for Openreach said: “Our engineers have been working to repair a faulty cable that was disrupting broadband to a number of homes in Gregorys Bank.

"In the last few days, they’ve completely replaced the damaged section, and today reconnected everyone back to the network. We’re grateful for the support and understanding of people living there."