With spring starting to bloom, the National Trust has revealed its best sites to watch the season blossom.

According to the organisation Worcestershire boasts plenty of locations perfect for blossom-watching.

This year marks its fifth annual #BlossomWatch.



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Inspired by the Japanese tradition of 'Hanami', or flower viewing, the charity invites people of all ages to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of blooming blossoms that can be seen in gardens, orchards, city parks and hedgerows across the county.

Luckily for Worcestershire residents, there are plenty of good spots.

Croome, a parkland owned by the Coventry family dating back to the 16th century, is a fine site for nature enthusiasts.

Its vast array of fruit trees, including apple, pear, and plum, bloom next to the café.

Furthermore, varieties of blossoming plants like laurel, hawthorn and horse chestnut can be spotted along the walking trails.

The Firs, birthplace of Sir Edward Elgar, is another spot.

Although modest in size, its orchard boasts an impressive collection of over 60 trees with a diverse range of cooking, eating and cider apples, including the celebrated Worcester Black Pear.

It has been rumoured that Sir Elgar enjoyed a glass of cider while watching the cider apple tree blossom.

At the heart of the countryside, Hanbury Hall provides yet another serene spot.

The 18th century garden blossoms into life during spring, becoming a romantic haven for visitors.

The walled orchard, adorned with heritage apple trees, presents a scene filled with pink-tinged blossoms.

The National Trust is not only committed to providing awe-inspiring views but also, as part of its climate crisis efforts, aims to plant and establish 20 million trees by 2030, four million of which will be blossoming trees.

The trust also intends to bring blossom back to urban spaces by improving access to nature and fostering community engagement.

Residents of Worcester are invited to join the celebrations, share their images on social media using the hashtag #BlossomWatch, and partake in the Festival of Blossom events until Sunday, April 28, featuring blossom bathing, crafts, talks, and displays.