The architect behind plans for the Scala Theatre says the project is a chance to stop the building deteriorating.

Helen Grassly, of Burrell Foley Fischer Architects, spoke to Worcester City Council’s planning committee at a meeting in the Guildhall on Thursday (March 21).

She said she wanted to “emphasise the opportunity this project gives us to repair and stabilise a building that is deteriorating.

Worcester News: The stage at the back of the Scala is the part of the building in the worst conditionThe stage at the back of the Scala is the part of the building in the worst condition (Image: NQ)

“Our proposals are to remove the existing roof that’s in very poor condition over the Scala and replace it with an acoustically separated and well-insulated roof, and to do gutter repairs around the listed Corn Exchange to repair the ongoing water ingress problems there.

“It’s a chance to conserve the fabric of a pair of really interesting buildings that are very much part of the history of Worcester.”

Ms Grassly also set out how she sees the three proposed studios working. They are currently being called The Stage, which will hold 178 people, The Box, which will have a capacity of about 60, and The Screen, which will have a maximum capacity of 200.

“The Box studio on the ground floor will be a relatively simple space, good for small-scale workshops or perhaps for meetings and events,” she said.

“The tall space at the rear called The Stage, which was the original screen end of the cinema, is probably in the poorest condition of any of the parts of the building - there’s been a lot of water ingress, but it still has a lot of character.

“The proposal is for quite an active, creative space. It’ll have a polished concrete floor, it might be used for immersive exhibitions, creative workshops, music. There’ll be retractable seating in there so it’ll be a flexible but robust space that responds to its rather extraordinary triple-height character.

“The studio at the top of the space that they’re calling The Screen is a calmer space. It’s not as tall and it’ll have a sprung wooden floor so it’ll be usable for dance and other workshops.

“It’s going to have four fixed tiers of seats and some loose seating and it’ll make a really good cinema space for showing arthouse films.”

Councillors voted unanimously to give the project, in Angel Place, planning permission.