As a well-established supplier of disability aids, TPG Disableaids know just how vital they are to maintain an independent, fulfilling lifestyle.

The company provide tailored solutions to your specific requirements, and incorporate a wealth of expertise in the healthcare and mobility industries, accumulated over four decades. Their family-based approach permeates across the entire business – from supplying high-quality products, to providing unmatched aftersales care and support.

TPG Disableaids have assisted countless clients across South Wales, Worcestershire and other surrounding areas in regaining their self-sufficiency. Jayme Bacon, Head of Sales at TPG Disableaids, chats to us about their ethos, product range and their commitment to improving the lives of their customers.

A wide array of mobility products

Whether you’re searching for comprehensive home adaptations, a lightweight mobility scooter or a showering aid to avoid slipping, TPG Disableaids have the insight and infrastructure to equip you for your specific needs.

Jayme says: “Over the course of our 35 years supplying mobility aids to our customers, we’ve cultivated very strong relationships with a select group of providers who share our passion and ethos. Our range of wheelchairs and mobility scooters, for example, puts the customer at the heart of the process.

“Before any purchase is made, we always conduct a thorough assessment to identify the best product for your needs. Suitably prescribed aids can revolutionise the user’s way of life by increasing their comfort, mobility and independence.

“Our customers always have access to experts when browsing our range, as well as after selecting a specific product. This ensures that customers are always informed on the functions and purposes of their chosen mobility aid, and how they can improve their lifestyle.”

Dedicated, compassionate support services

TPG Disableaids have a stellar reputation for their aftercare and support services – with very good reason. Having been awarded the Stannah Certificate of Excellence for continued innovation and excellence within engineering, the company have taken great pains to maintain their exemplary support.

TPG engineers respond quickly to callouts, whether it’s a routine assessment to ensure your equipment is properly maintained or urgent repairs are required. You don’t even have to purchase a TPG Disableaids product to receive aftercare and support.

Jayme shares: “Our service fleet of 25 vans is fully equipped to take care of our customers and their equipment. The key to maintaining a fulfilling, independent lifestyle is to make sure that your mobility aids are always functioning properly.